Pettysave Donation Ideas

Pettysave Donation Ideas

A few suggestions on things to raise funds for using the Pettysave Donations Feature

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented various challenges to the whole world and Nigeria is not left out of this. For a few lucky ones, it is just a small inconvenience, but the more vulnerable in society have less access to support and a livelihood.👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

At times like this, it is great to see people coming together to look out for others and at Pettysave, we are all for giving back.

The Pettysave Donations feature is our response to supporting one another during periods of crisis and to keep hope alive in our Nation; because the change we hope to see begins with us.

There has been increase in the amount donated to charities across the country this year and it seems many people have been busy finding new ways to connect with others and spread love💚.️

For sure, we all want to do what we can to be responsible and contribute to flattening the COVID-19 curve but it is truly amazing that despite this, people have been identifying new ways to show compassion to others.

Everyone wants to make a difference but sometimes, it’s hard to know where to start.

Also, there is a need every now and then, to pull resources together for personal projects, organization goals and other humanitarian activities.

If you’d rather focus on giving within your immediate environment and as an individual thing, you can do that. Alternatively, you can set up a donation on Pettysave and share the details to others who can contribute funds and help you achieve more.

For those of you who would need some more inspiration, here are a few ideas of things to raise funds for and promote positivity in your own little way:


You can raise funds to help support the well-being of hospital and other medical-related staff and patients. The money can be used for care packs, gifts for staff, volunteers or even mental health support for those who need it. 👩‍⚕️

COVID-19 Response

You can create a donation to give to charities to help support their cause. This will help provide resources to the vulnerable, poor and/or sick in the society who cannot work for money or have lost their means of livelihood. Asides government palliatives, this can go a long way in multiplying the number of people who will be helped!

Food Banks

There are a number of food banks across the country that provide emergency support to those most in need. A donation can be created in order to raise more funds for a food bank and reach more people. It will definitely be appreciated!

For the Elderly

The elderly are more prone to being affected by diseases and a lot of them are in great need in their old age. You can raise funds to provide daily support and services for them, ranging from mental health check-ins/calls, assisting with grocery shopping, food delivery and accessing medical help. The funds can also be used for volunteers.

Mental Health

For people with mental health conditions, they are affected in different ways, which can be especially worsened during periods of isolation. Many do not have access to regular support and this can in turn make their conditions worse. You can raise funds to provide information, advice and support about mental health for those who are able to access it remotely. 🤗


For victims of abuse such as domestic violence, rape and other forms, one can raise funds to help provide support, advice and information. Funds donated can also be used to help victims access medical care and accommodation among other needs.


Create a plan dedicated to funding education and securing the future of less privileged people in the society such as the fatherless, motherless, low or no income children or people in need of funds to attend schools that they may not be able to afford.


With the Pettysave donations feature, you can gather funds for group projects with total transparency. This can be used in school, at work or even at home.


A donation can be created to collect funds for teaching underprivileged kids and people tech skills. For example, areas in STEM: science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Of course, donations don’t have to be limited to the ones listed here but this is a good starting point to help you get inspired on how best to use the feature. Use the feature on Pettysave and change the world how best you can!

It is important to note the following about the Pettysave Donations feature:

  • The donation is meant for non-profit organizations, foundations and individuals.
  • Creating a donation does not give you immediate access to the feature, but your application will go through a verification process via your email, and hence a donation application can be denied or approved.
  • There is a 1% charge as a service fee for using the donations feature. It will be deducted at the point of withdrawal.
  • Funds raised can be withheld if a donation campaign is found in violation of the terms of use.

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