How to Reach Financial Freedom

How to Reach Financial Freedom

This is the simplest guide ever

You already know this. But we will say it again in a simpler way so that it sticks. Okay maybe you don’t know…but here it is now so you have no excuse again. This is how you gain financial freedom.

First, you need to know that there are two types of income: active and passive. Like in sentences, active and passive voice.

Active income is money you make from your job or business e.g. salary, wages or profit from sales made. You get right? Good.

On the other hand, Passive Income is money you make while you are sleeping. It is returns on your previous investments e.g. dividends from a stock portfolio, ROIs (Returns on Investment) from agricultural or real estate investment or rent from a property you own. Sounds cool for sure.

So you’re probably thinking, how do all these relate to financial freedom? Well, financial freedom is simply when your passive income exceeds your expenses. This means that you should try to get to a stage where your cumulative assets can pay you enough income to fund your lifestyle e.g. returns from an investment you made on Pettysave can buy you a phone or fund your wardrobe change.

The equation is simple.

Passive income > (greater than) expenses = (equals) financial freedom.

Why? Because it shows non-dependence on an active income. So, with or without a job or business, you’re still a baller! Doesn’t that sound attractive? No financial anxiety at all.

In the world today, there is a tendency to measure financial success with spending patterns. This is actually very wrong and isn’t an indicator of wealth. Why? Well, broke people think only about how much they earn while rich people think about how much they earn and how much of it they can keep and convert into assets that will generate future income.

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Which category are you?

  1. I have an active income
  2. I have a passive income
  3. I have both (active & passive)

Think about that for a minute. Now which category do you want to be? Whether your answers were the same for both questions or not, partnering with pettysave on your journey to financial freedom is a good move.

On Pettysave, you will constantly learn money earning and management strategies, get to save and invest at a profit and ask about all the finance related questions bugging you.

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