Preparing for Self Isolation and Social Distancing | COVID-19

Preparing for Self Isolation and Social Distancing | COVID-19

The world will get through this. Stay safe out there!

We know. Everywhere you look, someone somewhere is texting, tweeting or posting about Corona Virus and it has probably gotten very tiring. But one thing we can tell you though, is that most people are sharing this information with good intentions. Oh well, if you wouldn’t mind seeing one more, you can watch our video: 6 Guides to Prevent the Spread of Corona Virus.

Things to Stock Up In Preparation for Self Isolation and Social Distancing

Now, staying home is one of the simplest ways to prevent the spread and reduce chances of contracting the disease. So, if you’ve saved a minimum of N500 daily for at least 30 days on Pettysave, this is what your savings (about N15,000) can get for you in this period:

  1. Hand Sanitizer — Use this regularly to keep your hands germ-free
  2. Soap — For washing hands and having your bath
  3. Food — Cereal, noodles, spaghetti and other affordable, quick and easy-to-cook meals.
  4. Cooking Spices — You definitely don’t want to be eating tasteless food when you’re stuck at home and eating out is not really the best idea. So yeah, get these.
  5. Clean water — For drinking, cooking, bathing and most importanly, washing hands.
  6. Medications — Pharmacy-bought (over-the-counter) drugs for common cold, cough, headache, fever symptoms or drugs prescribed by a doctor for any pre-existing health conditions.

Why is washing hands and sanitizing so important? It is because even though we’ve been told to avoid touching our face, eyes, nose and mouth since the pandemic began to spread, it is actually really hard to do. So, for the few times we forget and touch anyways, there’s a lower likelihood of causing any damage.

Bonus Tip — If you feel unwell or have been outside the country in the last 14 days or if you suspect a case, report to:

Federal Ministry of Health, Nigeria | 0909 299 6283, 0809 555 3232

Nigeria Center for Disease Control | 0708 711 0839, WhatsApp;

0809 955 5577, SMS; Toll free: 0800 970 0000–0010

We are hopeful that this will be over soon. Stay safe!

Oyin from Pettysave

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