Pettysave — 2019 at a glance

A short recap of an eventful journey…

The year is almost at an end and it is the dawn of a new beginning. Before that though, here’s a short, quirky review of the year 2019 at Pettysave. Shall we?

Savings Plans💸

  • The most used plan was the Autosave plan
  • Ever wondered how some people seem to hit their financial goals easier and faster than you sometimes? No, it’s not luck. But it may have something to do with their goal-oriented saving; saving towards a specific thing. You can try the Targetsave feature in 2020- it worked wonders this year!


Oh yeah, this is about our amazing customers…a few fun facts:

  • This year, about 100+ lucky users got rewarded with 120k worth of student allowance and Pettysave merchandise like t-shirts, tote bags, pens and books.
  • To foster unity and build confidence, we hosted a meet and greet between our beautiful users and team members in August. Here are some memorable shots from the day.

Our customer happiness team has been quite busy this year. More than ever, users call in, text or DM on social media for one request or the other. Usually, it’s questions about withdrawal, giveaways or security. One reoccurring question though was about when the Pettysave ‘app’ would be available. Well…come 2020, a new and improved Pettysave site and app await your use!

What a ride!🚙

As for us, many noteworthy things DEFINITELY happened on our collective journey to financial freedom. Find some of the highlights below.

Campus Invasions🏫

We spread our reach to more states.

  • In July, we activated our campus invasions with the Save-Win Challenge (an initiative that rewards the highest saving and consistent customers with monthly allowance, all expense paid vacation and so much more.) We have visited higher institutions across Nigeria including some in Ogun, Oyo, Kwara, Abuja and Lagos where several lucky winners emerged.

Investments 💰💰💰

  • In September, we identified the need for stress-free investment options and diversified from just a savings platform to becoming an avenue for real estate investments. We partnered with real estate giant, Pertinence Limited to make this possible.

#Realkathon (Real Estate Hackathon) 🏡

  • September was indeed a productive month! Also in September, we hosted the first ever Real Estate Hackathon in Nigeria themed ‘Sandwiching Technology and Real Estate’. #Realkathon was organized by Pertinence Limited, our real estate investment partners. See pictures here. It attracted 10 teams from around Nigeria to create a technology solution to a real estate problem. A total of $2750 cash prize was won by the top 3 teams.

We’re now proving to millions of people — home and abroad — that financial technology is the present and future of savings and investment, while also being secure and profitable for users. You are the reason! The well-being of users and goodwill is our driving force.

Plans for next year!💃🏾🕺🏾

To become better at what we do; making life easier for you by simplifying and enabling financial freedom.

Thanks to everyone who has saved, invested and referred on Pettysave this year. 2020 isn’t ready for what we’re bringing!

If you ever need some financial guidance, send us an email and get professional advice!

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