Top 3 Ways to Avoid Financial Stress during Christmas Season

’tis the season to be jolly🎶🔔🎄

Yes, Christmas season is upon us again. It is a time of love, joy, peace, relaxation, bonding and let’s not forget…lots and lots of gifts. Another thing that comes along with this lovely festive period are the not-so-lovely expenses and debit alerts. Ooops! I said it.

As you go into this season, here is a short 3-point list, lovingly put together by the Pettysave team to help you avoid financial stress and make the most of your December:

  1. Budget

Make sure you set a specific amount to be spent on all Christmas expenses beforehand. Plan for gifts, decorations, trips, food etc and determine how much you can AFFORD to spend. Stick to this spending limit all through the period while including a reasonable amount for miscellaneous and contingencies (unforeseen expenses).

2. Start Early

Create a Targetsave plan on Pettysave and start saving towards the needed amount as planned in your budget. Remember, the price of rice, chicken and other regular ‘Christmas’ food increases drastically in December. The earlier you start saving and hit your mark, the earlier you can start shopping to avoid inflation prices.

3. Make Memories

Do not focus too much on the material things and gifts. Instead, focus on making lasting memories with family, friends and loved ones.

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Now, go have an amazing Christmas!

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