If you were a student, what would you do with N120k allowance for a year?

Pettysave Campus Invasion: The Save-Win Challenge

Students have a lot of needs. Ranging from books to clothes to shoes, bags, laptops and whatnot…the needs of students are endless and most of us, former or current students can relate to these needs. But even with all these needs, there is the necessity to save towards future goals, take care of family sometimes and still achieve specific financial goals.

That’s why the Pettysave team activated its campus invasion initiative in July with the aim of promoting the saving culture among students via the Save-Win Challenge. The Save-Win Challenge is an initiative that rewards the highest saving and consistent customers with monthly allowance, all-expense paid vacation, customized souvenirs and so much more.

In the past three month, the Pettysave team has taken the SAVE-WIN CHALLENGE to more than 3 campuses including: Chrisland University, Abeokuta, Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta and University of Ibadan, Oyo. From these schools, Pettysave student ambassadors have earned over N500,000 from the challenge. This month, the initiative will also be taken to Lagos State University (LASU) and more students will benefit from the initiative.

As a student, what would you do with N120,000 allowance for a year?

Start saving with Pettysave and stand a chance to be a lucky winner.

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