Tips to Create a Secure and Unique Password

An easy way to protect yourself from cyber-attacks is by having a strong password.


‘a long and complex password is hard for hackers to crack or compromise.’

Avoid using birthdays, names, phone numbers or other personal details as passwords. These are very common and easy for hackers to guess. Instead, your password should have one or more of the following: capital letters, numbers or special characters (“@”, or “%”, etc.).

As further precaution:

‘change your password regularly to stay ahead of hackers.’

Remember to keep your email very secure as well because it is from here that you get your change of password link. The best passwords are as random as possible so:

‘use unlikely characters and combinations.’

Think wildly!

Bad: ChamPion99

Better: %ChaMPio/\/1!

Best: myChamPion-ate2day!-YEAH$

Note: No matter how strong a password is,

‘never use the same password for multiple accounts.’

Why? If one account is compromised, then they’re all compromised by default.

If you have any questions, feel free to call 08066088876 and ask. Stay woke Champions! Cyber-attacks are real!

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