15 Things To Quit Buying to Save More Money

Have you ever found yourself struggling to save money regularly?

Building wealth comes with discipline and this means that you need to understand your needs and wants and how you can stop necessary spending of your money.

I know you might have been told otherwise but the truth is this:

You don’t really need everything you’ve been convinced that you do.

In other news, if you don’t buy that new bag, extra pair of jeans or latest phone version, YOU WILL NOT DIE! Surprise, surprise😃😃.

Today, I am happy to share with you 15 things you can quit buying to save more money before the year ends!

1. Greeting Cards: Instead of buying cards every time a friend or family member has a celebration coming up, just consider making one at home, getting a less expensive gift or writing your cute message to them on the tag of the gift bag.

2. Female Versions of a Product: It’s really annoying that the ‘female’ versions of a lot of products such as deodorants, shampoo etc. are way more expensive than the male versions. Avoid this extra cost and save more by getting the ‘male’ version when you can. Trust me, there isn’t always much of a difference, don’t let the persuasive adverts deceive you.

3. Game Apps and Purchases within them: We all love our games, Candy Crush, Subway Surf and whatnot. But have you ever thought about all those in-app purchases they flash before our eyes for extra coins, diamonds or game life? You spend a few nairas on each purchase because it doesn’t seem much… until you add them up over time and realize…you are money!!!

4. Brand Specific Groceries: I know…brand loyalty is somehow a part of us. But if you look beyond that and just buy generic or cheaper products, you will save a lot of money. Look for the cheapest alternative to your branded milk, sugar or salt. Just make sure they’re fit for human consumption and aren’t expired.

5. Regular Take Out (Bought Meals): It’s not really necessary to be honest. Instead of always eating out, cut down on excess spending by planning your meals, cooking at home and taking packed lunches to work/school. This is definitely a huge money saver.

6. Impulsively Bought Items: Flee from this! Ignore those check-out line sweets or chocolates, forget that cute teddy bear you saw on the rack when picking up your bottle of shampoo. Stick to your shopping list and thank me later.

7. Small Bottles of Products: This consumes a lot of money in the long run because by the time you compare the price to the large size, it makes more financial sense to buy the big one that is relatively cheaper and would last longer.

8. Expensive Airtime and Data Plans: There are various network service providers. Compare and contrast their prices and choose one with a good balance between affordable plans and network speed.

9. Gym Membership: Why not jog daily and consult YouTube for simple exercises you can do at home? This saves money and still achieves the purpose of going to the gym.

10. Bottled Water: Instead, get a water filter at home and a refillable steel bottle for taking water out. You can also buy a trusted ‘pure water’ brand and refill your steel bottle before going out.

11. Expensive Cosmetics (Skincare and Makeup): There are always cheaper alternatives that can do the same work, sometimes even better. Don’t fall for the flashy packaging, these companies will RIP YOU OFF!

12. TV Subscription: Scout for plans that have the channels you really need and pay for those. You don’t have to pay for the most expensive plans every month and most service providers give a range of options that you can pick from. All you have to do is put in the work so you can save the extra cash.

13. Tech Upgrades: I know, it’s hard to turn the other way every time a loved tech brand launches an upgraded version of their product. But for the sake of your financial health, do not jump at every new phone, laptop or TV upgrade just to fit in or for momentary gratification. Don’t!

14. Air Freshener: This can be home-made. All you have to do is go online to learn. YouTube does have a lot of tricks up its sleeve.

15. Hair: You can save money on this by making hairstyles and getting haircuts that can last longer than the regular 3 to 6 weeks. That way, you can save money on two to three salon appointments. For ladies, wigs are also a great, cost-effective alternative.

Trust me, applying some of these cut-downs to your spending will go a long way in saving you a lot of money you didn’t realize was eating deep into your account balance.

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