Consistency — Weekly Digest 101

Consistency — Weekly Digest 101

Hey you!

Happy Sunday! This week, our focus is on consistency. Consistency simply means commitment to a particular lifestyle. And my word of wisdom for you today is this:

“The difference between SUCCEEDING and failing is consistency.” — Don Connelly

Don’t worry. I know that it’s not always easy to stick to doing what’s right especially when you have to wait a while to start seeing results. I encourage you to draw strength from knowing that you’re not alone on this journey. Everyone in the Pettysave tribe is committed to growth just like you are.

Just think of how COOL it’ll be when we all meet our financial goals. We’ll look back on these times and be thankful for the grace to keep moving regardless of the pain.

If you’ve read this far, then you’re a star. Thanks again for flying with Pettysave. Refer a friend today and get rewarded!

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Oyin from Pettysave

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